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Career Opportunities

With a shortage of commercial drivers the trucking industry is always looking for new drivers. Below are a few of the companies that have teamed up with Zavcor Training Academy to find you employment opportunities after graduation:
Your opportunities in the trucking industry are endless.
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At Zavcor Trucking Limited, we understand the importance of providing newly licenced drivers with proper training to help you be successful in your career. This is why we started our Newly Licenced Driver Finishing Program! Once you have obtained your licence, you spend a minimum of two weeks with our Certified Driver Trainer learning how to translate your knowledge into practical skills to enter the industry with. All training is paid, and customized to your needs and your timeline. We train for as long as you need with our trainer before sending you down the road with confidence and comfort in your abilities.


Spring Creek Carriers Inc is actively involved with the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities which benefits entry level training students who graduate through a Truck Training Schools Association of Ontario (TTSAO) member school like Zavcor Training Academy. 
Our training program is unique and detailed. We are having great success with hiring new graduates in our apprentice driver program - building on the training provided by the school and giving the new driver the knowledge and confidence needed to succeed in the transportation


G. Zavitz Ltd. is actively involved with the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development which benefits entry level students that graduate through a school like Zavcor Training Academy. Our training program is unique, detailed and very successful. 

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As a growing family owned and operated trucking company, we strive to provide exceptional service to our customers all over Ontario and the United States. Our employees and customers alike appreciate our well maintained and clean equipment as well as our commitment to work as a team to have every single load delivered successfully. We are always looking to add members to our team that will help grow that success to the next level.

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